Louis Putterman Professor of Economics

Born 1952, B.A. Columbia University 1976, Ph.D. (Economics) 1980. Putterman has taught at Brown since receiving his Ph.D. He received Fulbright and other research awards to conduct research in Tanzania and in China. He has been active in Brown's Development Studies program, directing its masters program from 2000 to 2011 and its undergraduate program during 2005 to 2007. He was president of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies in 2000-2001. He has written or edited eight books and published over 100 scholarly articles in refereed journals and books.  He has served as Associate Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Chair of Brown's Department of Economics.

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scholarly work

"Do Non-strategic Sanctions Obey the Law of Demand? The Demand for Punishment in the Voluntary Contribution Mechanism," with Christopher M. Anderson, forthcoming, Games and Economic Behavior 54 (1): 1-24, 2006.

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forthcoming in a collection of papers to be published by the Economic Development Institute of The World Bank.

Miscellaneous Publications:

Nonacademic or Semi-academic Publications, Interviews, Etc.

Shorter Papers and Comments:

"State Effectiveness, Economic Growth, and the Age of States," w/ Areendam Chanda, in Matthew Lange and Dietrich Rueschemeyer, eds., States and Development: Historical Antecedents of Stagnation and Advance Basingstoke, England (forthcoming).

"China's Encounter with Market Socialism: Approaching Managed Capitalism by Indirect Means," in Yingyi Qian, ed., Market and Socialism Reconsidered (with Particular reference to China and Vietnam). A volume of the International Economic Association.

Papers in Books:

"Income Distribution, Government Transfers, ad the Problem of Unequal Influence" with William Bassett and John P. Burkett, European Journal of Political Economy,

"On the Emergence of Labour Redundancy in China's State Industry:

Papers in Journals:

(See the CV for the same list.)

"Communication and Punishment in Voluntary Contribution Experiments," with Olivier Bochet and Talbot Page, forthcoming, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

"The Role of the State and Markets in Development," forthcoming in Amitava Dutt and Jaime Ros, eds,.International Handbook of Development Economics, Volume 2.

"Economics and Interpersonal Relations: Ruling the Social Back In," in Benedetto Gui and Robert Sugden, eds., Economics and Social Interaction: Accounting for Interpersonal Relations (forthcoming).

"Reciprocity, and Altruism, and Cooperative Production," chapter prepared for the Handbook on the Economics of Giving, Reciprocity and Altruism, L.-A. Gerard-Varet, S-C. Kolm and J. Mercier Ythier, eds., Elsevier North-Holland, forthcoming.

"Prices," forthcoming in International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd Edition, William A. Darity, Editor-in-Chief. Macmillan Reference.

"Cooperatives and Nonprofits in Africa: Some Incentive and Agency Issues,"

Book Reviews:

Self-Management: Economic Theory and Yugoslav Practice,

research overview

Louis Putterman conducts research on economic behavior, economic development, organizations, incentives, and economic systems. His recent research topics include: the role of social preferences, norms, communication and punishment in social dilemmas; effects of early history on recent levels of development and rates of growth; income distribution; and emergence, roles and accountability of states.

research statement

Economic experiments on cooperation, trust, inequality, and other topics, with Jean-Robert Tyran, Kenju Kamei, Thomas Markussen, Avner Ben-Ner, Talbot Page, and other collaborators; economic growth, income distribution, and pre-industrial development, with comparative reference to Africa, Asia and Latin America, including work with Areendam Chanda, David Weil, and others.

funded research

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1983-85, to study economics and organization

Mellon Fellowship for Chinese Studies, 1983-84, to study economics of agriculture in China

National Science Foundation grant SES8721382, 1988-90, for study of agricultural economy of China

MacArthur Foundation Network on Norms and Preferences, 1999-2001, for economics experiment research on cooperation in teams and public good provision

National Science Foundation grant SES-0001769, 2000-02, for related experimental economics research

Russell Sage Foundation research grant for study of the economics of trust, 2004-06

Alex C. Walker Foundation grant to study preferences regarding the distribution of income, 2004-06