Lori Scott-Sheldon Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research), Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Research)

Lori A. J. Scott-Sheldon received her PhD in 2006 from the University of Connecticut in Social Psychology, specializing in health psychology and quantitative methods. Her work broadly focuses on health promotion and disease prevention in the domains of sexual health, HIV, and alcohol use. Most of her research uses meta-analytic methodology and statistical analyses to determine the efficacy of behavioral, social, and biomedical interventions to promote health behavior change and to evaluate individual, contextual, and structural factors that facilitate behavior change (i.e., moderators of treatment efficacy). Dr. Scott-Sheldon also has an extensive line of primary-level research investigating facilitators and barriers of sexual health in the context of alcohol use, and HIV/STIs.

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(2012 to present)

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Lan, C-W, Scott-Sheldon, L. A. J., Carey, K. B., Johnson, B.T., & Carey, M. P. (in press). Alcohol and sexual risk reduction interventions among people living in Russia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. AIDS & Behavior. Advance online publication. *Student first-authored*

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funded research

R01-AA017399-01 09/01/2012 – 05/31/2016
Alcohol Consumption & HIV Behavior: Evaluating the Evidence
This project uses meta-analytic methodology to systematically and comprehensively investigate the association between alcohol consumption and sexual risk behaviors.
Role: Principal Investigator

R01-AA017399-05, Kalichman, S.C. (PI) 12/01/2007 – 08/31/2013
Multilevel Alcohol-HIV/AIDS Prevention in South Africa
This project is a randomized community-level trial multilevel HIV/AIDS risk reduction intervention for men and women who drink alcohol in shebeens in Cape Town South Africa.
Role: Co-I/Data Analyst

R01-AA12518-12, Carey, K.B. (PI) 02/01/2011 – 01/31/2015
Brief Alcohol Interventions by Counselor or Computer
This project will evaluate outcomes, predictors and moderators of outcomes, and cost-effectiveness of three types of brief motivational interventions with college students who engage in heavy, episodic drinking.
Role: Co-I/Data Analyst

R01-MH068171-09, Carey, M.P. (PI) 09/01/2009 – 06/30/2014
HIV Prevention for STD Clinic Patients
This project is a RCT to evaluate two clinic-based risk reduction interventions. Psychological antecedents, sexual risk behavior, and STI rates will be assessed at baseline, 3, 6, and 12-months post-intervention.
Role: Co-I/Data Analyst

R01-MH058563-14, Johnson, B.T. (PI) 04/01/2009 – 02/28/2014
Syntheses of HIV Prevention Research, Phase III
This project involves a series of meta-analyses designed to determine the efficacy of behavioral and structural interventions to prevent HIV transmission.
Role: Co-I/Data Analyst