Luther Spoehr Senior Lecturer in Education

My main activities at Brown involve teaching about the history of American higher education and the history of American school reform. My First-Year Seminar, "Campus on Fire," looks at American colleges and universities in the 1960s. Other courses include a survey of the history of American higher education, the history of intercollegiate athletics, and the history of academic freedom. I also do work on best practices in the teaching of history and frequently consult with schools and school systems that want to improve their history teaching.

Brown Affiliations

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scholarly work

Book review editor for History News Network.  Over 70 of my reviews have been published there.

Recent publications include...

“Making Brown’s ‘New Curriculum’ in 1969:  The Importance of Context and Contingency” in Rhode Island History, Vol. 72, No. 2 (Summer-Fall 2016), pp. 52-71.

“Academic Freedom and Tenure in the United States” in Oxford Bibliographies in Education.  Luanna Meyer, ed.  New York:  Oxford University Press.  Posted September 28, 2016.

research overview

Professor Spoehr does research in the history of American higher education, school reform, and teaching history.

research statement

Areas of Specialization: History of American Higher Education, School Reform, Teaching History.

Description of Research and Teaching Interests: In my work on the history of education, I focus primarily on the history of American school reform in the 20th century and the changing definitions of academic freedom in the history of higher education. I also work extensively on issues involved in teaching history: how to use primary sources to help students learn to "think historically;" setting up performance-based, "authentic" assessment in standards-based curricula; developing interdisciplinary approaches; and taking advantage of new classroom technologies.

Teaching US History, History of Higher Education, History of American School Reform

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