The Department of Education focuses its scholarly and teaching efforts on the study of human learning and development, the history of education, teaching, school reform, and education policy. The Department offers a wide range of courses designed for students seeking an understanding of the many facets of education from multi-disciplinary perspectives.

The current faculty in the Department of Education include scholars in the history of education, public policy and economics, psychology and human development, teacher education, and the social and philosophical foundations of education. Affiliated faculty from the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, and the Education Alliance represent the fields of public policy and other subspecialties within education such as school reform and bilingual education. Faculty members in the Department of Education are actively engaged in research and teaching. Students should feel free to meet with faculty for advice about developing an Education Studies concentration program.


Faculty Administrative Positions

Steffes, Tracy, Chair of Education

Faculty Positions

Archambault, Reginald, Professor Emeritus of Education

Flores, Andrea, Assistant Professor of Education

Gujarati, Joan, Lecturer in Education

Kaestle, Carl, University Professor Emeritus of Education, History and Public Policy

Kraft, Matthew, Associate Professor of Education

Landay, Eileen, Visiting Scholar in Education

Levey Friedman, Hilary, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education

Li, Jin, Professor of Education

Loeb, Susanna, Professor of Education

Modell, John, Professor Emeritus of Education and Sociology

Papay, John, Assistant Professor of Education

Rangel, David, Assistant Professor of Education

Silva Pimentel, Diane, Associate Professor of the Practice of Education

Snyder, Laura, Lecturer in Education

Spoehr, Luther, Senior Lecturer in Education

Steffes, Tracy, Associate Professor of Education

Tyler, John, Professor of Education

Villarreal, Christina, Lecturer in Education

Wong, Kenneth, Walter and Leonore Annenberg Professor fo Education Policy

Wong, Kenneth, Professor of Education

Yamamoto, Yoko, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education