Lung-Hua Hu Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies

Hu Lung-Hua received her MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Teacher's College, Columbia University in 1993. Prior to coming to Brown in 1999, she taught at CLASS (Chinese Language and Area Studies School in Taipei, under US State Department, 1987~1991), Princeton University(1994~1999), Princeton in Beijing, Chinese Summer School at Middlebury, and Columbia University's summer program in Beijing.

Brown Affiliations

research overview

My research is focused on Mandarin Chinese phonology and grammar as well as pedagogy. I have also been working on assessing study abroad programs designed for American college students located in China and Taiwan. Another aspect of my research is on methods and effectiveness of incorporating technology in the teaching of Chinese.

research statement

I have very strong interest in researching effective approaches in teaching and fine-tuning American college students' pronunciation. Being inadequately nicknamed "the tone police" by students, I devote a good deal of time on finding more effective ways to help students break away from the influence from their native language of English. I am also interested in finding ways to better introduce the nuances between phonemes in Mandarin Chinese and American English.

Chinese grammar is another area that I am fond of exploring. I like studying grammatical features that present the most challenges to both the students and the instructors, e.g. Chinese adverbs, all complements, aspect words "le," "zhe," and "guo."

funded research