Mary L. Fennell Director of the C.V. Starr Program in Business, Entreprneurship and Organizations , Professor of Sociology, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

I am professor of Sociology, and Health Services Policy and Practice, and I am affiliated with the Center on Gerontology and Health Care Research. I am Senior Associate Editor of Health Services Research, and I am active in the American Sociological Association, The Academy of Management, and AcademyHealth. My areas of research include formal organizations, health care organizations, professional work and changes in professional careers and professional organizations over time. I use theories about organizations to look at problems in health care delivery and to study health care organizations. I teach courses on organizational theory, health care organizations, research methods, and health care policy. From 2000 through 2004 I served Brown as the Dean of the Faculty; and from 2005 through 2008 as Chair of the Sociology Department.  I am currently the Faculty Director of the CV Starr Program in Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations.

Brown Affiliations

Research Areas

scholarly work

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Please see full CV for complete list of publications.

research overview

My areas of research include formal organizations and health services research. I often use theories about organizations to look at problems in health care delivery. My earlier work focused on the diffusion of medical treatment innovations through hospital networks, linkages between rural hospitals and long term care providers, and change in professional work and the organizational settings within which professional work occurs. I am currently studying transitions in the long term care service delivery system, and the transformation of cancer care delivery in community settings. My most recent publications have appeared in Health Affairs (2010, 2011), the Archives of Internal Medicine (2011),  the Annual Review of Sociology (2011), and the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2012).

research statement

I have long studied processes of change in organizations, and much of my research has focused on health care organizations. I am particularly interested in how organizations link/connect to other organizations, and in examining how such linkages influence their performance: for health care organizations, this translates into an examination of the impact of connections between hospitals, community cancer programs, skilled nursing facilities and other health care organizations on quality of patient care and cost of patient care.

I am also interested in change in professional work, professional careers, and in the organizations where professionals do their work. With Kevin Leicht, I have examined the history and theory of managerial and professional work, and we have described specific contemporary changes in professions and work-settings (see Professional Work: A Sociological Approach , 2001, Blackwell). Our primary thesis is that managerial prerogatives are expanding, while professionals find their autonomy and sphere of discretion shrinking. We have also detailed recent demographic changes in the workplaces of professionals, and we revealed an increasingly unified elite division of labor that casts the role of the manager as a "new professonal."

Another research interest is the analysis of racial concentration of patients in nursing homes, and disparities in nursing home quality of care. Working with Vince Mor (Community Health, CGHCR) and others, we have combined national datasets on nursing home quality of care with data on nursing home segregation and community residential segregation, to determine how and why inequalities in nursing home care develop. Both access to nursing homes and the quality of care received by elderly patients in nursing homes can be described as "separate" (nursing homes tend to be either well financed and located in resource-rich areas, or poorly equipped and located in poor communities) and "unequal" (poorer homes tend to have lower quality care processes and outcomes). Many factors are thought to contribute to this sorry picture, including patterns of residential segregation, local long term care (LTC) market structure, state level reimbursement policies, nursing home (NH)-level strategic decisions, and patient level characteristics which can influence the sorting of individuals into particular types of nursing homes, depending upon their location in different neighborhoods.

I am also working with colleagues at the National Cancer Institute (Dr. Steve Clauser, Dr. Irene Prahbudas) on community-level efforts to increase cancer research efforts (connected to innovations in genomic medicine, IT, etc.) available within local communities as well as to spread the diffusion of state-of-the-art cancer treatment. I have contributed to efforts to understand the impact of multidisciplinary treatment teams in cancer care delivery, the development of research connections between NCI cancer centers and community cancer programs, and the use of multilevel models and approaches to study cancer care.