Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience


I enjoy teaching exciting facts about the nervous system to interested students! I teach a variety of courses including the large, intermediate-level course Neural Systems, a medium sized junior/senior level learning and memory course, and smaller seminars on brain regions and neural data analysis. I also co-created the Coursera Course: Exploring Neural Data.

As an instructor, I am always interested in learning about new ideas to try.  I am constantly working to improve pedagogy in my classroom. I use technologies including iClickers, online assignments, eBooks, and computer-based assessments to enhance student learning.  I encourage a reflective approach to learning.  I perform research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to formally assess my learning methods.

I am also a member of Brown's Contemplative Studies Initiative.  I am interested in a contemplative approach to teaching as well as contemplative pedagogy for the classroom.

My training focused on plasticity in the visual system, using extracellular recording methods in awake rodents. Since I began teaching neuroscience, I have also enjoyed bringing elements of my computational background - including the use of MATLAB and Python - into the classroom.

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