Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies


After completing a Licenciatura in English Language and Literature in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Silvia Sobral became interested in language teaching and  pursued a MA in Teaching English as a Second Language at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and further graduate work in Spanish Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, while teaching and coordinating Spanish courses.

At Brown U., she has developed and taught Spanish language courses at different levels, as well as Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics and Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning.  Following her interest in bridging foreign language acquisition and teaching metholodogy research with classroom practice, she has co-authored four editions of Dicho y Hecho: Beginning Spanish (Wiley) and contributed to other textbooks and published teaching materials. 

Her personal fascination for languages and language acquisition, and her passion for working with students and language teachers in training inform her professional interests in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Pedagogy, Heritage Language Acquisition and Teaching Pedagogy, Foreign Language Teacher Training and Sociolinguistics, especifically Spanish in the US.


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