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Dr. Fairbrother majored in Chemistry at Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH) and received his PhD from Columbia University in 2000. Dr. Fairbrother was a PhRMA Post-doctoral Fellow in Informatics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under mentorship of Christopher Burge and Nobel Laureate Phillip Sharp. Dr Fairbrother is currently a tenured, associate professor in the MCB Department and the Director of Graduate Studies for the Center for Computational Molecular Biology at Brown. His research has focused on precision medicine and RNA genomics. the Fairbrother lab is using high-throughput biochemical screens and computational methods to understand the specificity of RNA processing.  Results from Dr. Fairbrother's lab suggest 1/3 of all hereditary disease mutations affect the processing of genes. More recently, Dr. Fairbrother and his laboratory have become interested in developing methods for analyzing clinical sequencing experiments (e.g., whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing data). To this end, he is active with the Mendelian Genetics Research Group at Harvard. 

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