Ana M. Abrantes Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research)

Dr. Abrantes' research interests have focused on two general areas: 1) improving treatment outcomes of individuals with addictive behaviors and 2) increasing physical activity among individuals with mental health problems  -- with an emphasis on the use of technology to support interventions. Her current studies involve examining exercise for smoking cessation among smokers with depression, a Fitbit physical activity intervention for depressed alcohol dependent women, development of a tailored smartphone physical activity app for alcohol dependent patients, approaches for initiating and maintaining physical activity in depressed individuals, and development of a smartphone app to help opioid dependent patients discontinue buprenorphine.

Brown Affiliations

funded research

R21 DA041153-01A1 (PIs: Abrantes/Stein)              06/15/2016-05/31/2018          


A Smartphone App to Facilitate Buprenorphine Discontinuation

Role: MPI


R21AA024295-01A1 (PI: Ana M. Abrantes, Ph.D.)                 05/01/2016-04/3/2017


A Tailored Physical Activity Smartphone App for Patients with Alcohol Dependence

Role: Principal Investigator


R34AA024038-01A1 (PI: Ana M. Abrantes, Ph.D.)     9/20/2015-6/30/2018  


Technology-Supported Physical Activity Intervention for Depressed Alcoholic Women

Role: Principal Investigator


R56HL127695 (MPIs: Ana M. Abrantes, Ph.D. & Lisa Uebelacker, Ph.D.)  9/14/2015-8/31/2016


Initiating and Maintaining Physical Activity in Depressed Individuals

Role: Co-Principal Investigator


R01NR015977 (Stein/Uebelacker)     4/1/20163/31/2021                  NINR                    

Improving Functioning in HIV Patients with Chronic Pain and Comorbid Depressive Symptoms

Role: Co-Investigator


R01 NR014540-01A1  (PI: Cynthia Battle, PhD) 09/17/201407/31/2019           NINR

RCT of a Tailored Walking Program to Reduce Stress Among Pregnant Women

Role: Co-Investigator


R01 CA173551-01A1 (PI: Ana M. Abrantes, PhD) 09/01/2013 – 06/30/2018, NCI

Aerobic Exercise for Smokers with Depressive Symptomatology

Role: Principal Investigator


1I21RX001377-01 (PI:M. Tracie Shea, PhD) 10/01/2013-9/31/2015, Dept of Veteran Affairs

Pilot Testing an Aerobic Exercise Intervention for Veterans with PTSD

Role: Co-Investigator


1 R34 DA034558 (PI: Richard A. Brown, PhD)  4/1/13 3/31/15         NIDA                         

Computer-based MI to engage smokers living with HIV in tobacco quitline treatment

Role: Site Principal Investigator


1R34DA034312-01 (PI: Richard A. Brown, PhD) 8/1/12 – 7/31/14, NIDA

Brief Computer Intervention to Motivate Quitline Use for Smokers in SUD Treatment

Role: Co-Investigator


R01 NR012005 (PI: Lisa Uebelacker, PhD)         2/2/2011 – 1/31/2015   NINR

RCT of Hatha Yoga for Persistent Depression

Role: Co-Investigator


R01MH086513-01A1 (PI: Ana M. Abrantes, PhD) 07/01/2010 – 03/31/2014   NIMH   

Testing the Efficacy of an Exercise Intervention for Patients with OCD

Role: Principal Investigator


K23 DA019950-01 A1 (PI; Ana M. Abrantes, PhD) 04/01/06-03/31/11      NIDA

Behavioral Exercise Intervention for Smoking Cessation

Role: Principal Investigator


R01 DA023190-01 (PI: Richard A. Brown, Ph.D.)      9/26/2007-9/25/2011 NIDA

Sequential Use of Fluoxetine for Smokers with Elevated Depressive Symptoms    

Role: Co-Investigator


RSGPB  CPPB-115032  (PI: David R. Strong, Ph.D.)  7/1/08-6/30/11     ACS

Motivating Cessation Treatment Engagement in Depressed Inpatient Smokers

Role: Co-Investigator


R01 DA016738-01 A1 (PI; Richard Brown, Ph.D.)   04/01/04 – 03/31/09   NIDA       

MI for Teen Substance Abuse with Psychiatric Comorbidity

Role: Co-Investigator


R01 DA14599-01 (PI; Richard Brown, Ph.D.)     9/30/01 - 8/31/04   NIDA           

Applying Exercise Intervention to Drug Treatment

Role: Project Director/Co-Investigator


R01 AA13418-01 (PI; Richard Brown, Ph.D.)     4/01/02 - 3/31/05    NIAAA       

Development of an Exercise Intervention for Alcoholics

Role: Project Director/Co-Investigator