Cynthia Battle Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Dr. Battle is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor (Research) in Alpert Medical School's Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior. She received her bachelors degree from Vassar College, and her masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She initially came to Brown to complete her predoctoral internship and continued her training by pursuing a NIMH postdoctoral fellowship focused on treatment development research. She has served as principal investigator or co-investigator on numerous NIH research grants focused on mood disorders among perinatal women and other populations. Her work is based at both Butler and Women & Infants' Hospitals.

Brown Affiliations

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scholarly work

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research overview

Cynthia Battle, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist whose research focuses on mood disorders and women’s mental health, including development of novel behavioral interventions for mood disorders during the perinatal period. Her current studies include (1) an RCT examining the efficacy of a physical activity intervention for women with antenatal depression, and (2) a mixed methods study to examine treatment decision-making among women with perinatal bipolar disorder, and (3) and RCT testing prenatal yoga vs. a mother-baby wellness workshop as an intervention for depression during pregnancy. A major goal of her research has been to develop more accessible and acceptable interventions for women who experience emotional distress during the perinatal period.

research statement

Cynthia Battle's research is focused upon women's mental health during pregnancy and the postpartum period, with particular emphasis on developing and evaluating novel behavioral interventions for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Battle's current NIH-funded studies include the investigations that focus on the following topics:  (1) evaluation of a physical activity intervention for pregnant women with antenatal depression; (2) examination of treatment decision-making among women with perinatal bipolar disorder; (3) developing and evaluating a prenatal yoga intervention for antenatal depression. In addition,  In addition Dr. Battle serves as a collaborator on several other studies related to mood disorder treatment and perinatal mental health. 

funded research


National Institute on Child Health and Human Development, R01HD081868 (Battle), 2015-2010, "Efficacy of a Prenatal Yoga Intervention for Antenatal Depression" Role: Principal Investigator

National Institutes of Health Office of the Director & National Institute of Nursing Research, 1R01NR014540; (Battle & Salisbury), 2014-2019, "RCT of a Tailored Walking Program to Reduce Stress Among Pregnant Women"   Role: Principal Investigator

National Institute of Mental Health, R34MH102466 (Weinstock), 2014-2017, "Adjunctive Psychotherapy for Perinatal Bipolar Disorder"  Role: Co-Investigator/ PI of Subcontract.

National Institute of Mental Health, R34MH103570 (Battle & Weinstock), 2014-2017, "Treatment Decisions for Perinatal Bipolar Disorder"  Role:  Principal Investigator

National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, R34AA024038 (Abrantes ) 2015-2018, "Technology Supported Physical Activity Intervention for Depressed Alcoholic Women" Role: Co-Investigator  

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, R56HL127695 (Abrantes & Uebelacker) 2015-2016, "Initiating and Maintaining Physical Activity in Depressed Individuals" Role: Co-Investigator


National Institute of Mental Health, R34MH79108 (Battle); 2007-2012; "Treatment-Seeking for Depression Among Pregnant Women"
Role: Principal Investigator

National Institute of Mental Health R34MH083065 (Battle); 2008-2013; "Development of a Home-Based Family Treatment for Postpartum Depression"
Role: Principal Investigator

National Institute of Mental Health R01 MH079153 (Stroud) 9/01/2007-6/30/2012 "Maternal Depression, Placental HPA Regulation, & Fetal-Neonatal Stress Response"
Role: Co-Investigator; Site Principal Investigator

National Institute of Mental Health R01MH078033 (Salisbury) 2/01/2008-1/31/2013 "Fetal and Neonatal Response to Prenatal Antidepressant Exposure"
Role: Co-Investigator; Site Principal Investigator

National Institute of Mental Health, (R34 MH085053; PI: Battle); 2010-2014. "Development of a Yoga Intervention for Antenatal Depression"
Role: Principal Investigator

Women & Infants' Hospital Center of Excellence in Women's Health Seed Grant (Battle); 2011-2012; "An Open Trial of a Physical Activity Intervention for Depressed Pregnant Women"
Role: Principal Investigator

National Instituate of Mental Health. (3R01MH074636-04S1; Stuart) 2011-2012 "Placebo-Controlled Trial of Sertraline and IPT for Postpartum Depression." Role: Consultant.

National Institute of Mental Health K23MH066402 (Battle) 9/23/2002-9/30/2008 "Family Treatment for Postpartum Depression"
Role: Principal Investigator