Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior


Dr. Weinstock is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown, where she conducts research on the development and evaluation of adjunctive behavioral interventions for severe mood disorders and suicide prevention, especially during vulnerable transitions in care (e.g., from inpatient to outpatient treatment, following ED discharge, and from criminal legal to community settings). Most exemplary of her research program is her current work as MPI of the NIMH-funded National Center for Health and Justice Integration for Suicide Prevention (NCHATS; P50MH127512).  Dr. Weinstock is Director of Training for the Brown University Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship Program and Co-Director of Brown's T32 Postdoctoral Training Program in Suicide Research. She maintains clinical appointments at Butler Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital, and the Providence VA Medical Center and is affiliated with the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights.  She also serves as an Associate Director of the Brown DPHB Consortium for Research Innovation in Suicide Prevention (CRISP).

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