Associate Professor of Surgery, Clinician Educator


Dr. Ehsan is an Adult Cardiac Surgeon at Rhode Island Hospital and is an Associate Professor of Surgery at the Brown Alpert Medical School. He is also the Director of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. He provides surgical treatment for all forms of adult cardiovascular disease with a particular interest in valvular surgery and an emphasis on mitral valve repair and percutaneous aortic valve therapies. He is also well versed in the current state of atrial fibrillation surgery as it applies to stand-alone and concomitant procedures. He has an academic background in cardiovascular gene and cell based therapies. Specifically, Dr. Ehsan has examined the use of decoy oligonucleotides in vein grafts as a means of prolonging graft patency. He has also examined the role of nuclear hormone receptors and their role in vein graft pathobiology. Additionally, Dr. Ehsan participates in clinical outcomes research related to the effect of blood transfusions on patients undergoing cardiac surgical procedures. He also has an interest in examining disparities in access to care for patients receiving cardiac surgical therapies. These efforts have resulted in numerous peer reviewed publications.

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