Jason A. Protass Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Jason Protass (Ph.D., Stanford) specializes in Chinese Buddhism of the Northern and Southern Song dynasties (960-1279). His current book project, tentatively titled "The Poetry Demon," examines Buddhist monks' self-understanding of religious occupation and poetic composition in the tenth to thirteenth centuries CE.

Jason's other projects include a study of Chan monks’ shifting geographic distribution during the Northern Song dynasty. In this second project, Jason weaves together canonical and extra-canonical sources to create a spatial history of practices. As this project develops, he will be working with materials related to hagiography, itinerancy, epistles, gazetteers, literati Buddhism, and occasional writings.

Jason has studied at Academia Sinica (Taipei), Hanazono University (Kyoto), Ryukoku University (Kyoto), and Peking University (Beijing) under the auspices of fellowships from Fulbright Taiwan, American Council of Learned Societies, Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai (Japan), and the Ministry of Education P. R. China. Jason welcomes students interested in Buddhism across East Asia.

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