Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research)


Jessica Peters, PhD is a clinical psychologist broadly interested in biological and behavioral mechanisms underlying the development and exacerbation of maladaptive impulsivity, self-destructive behavior, interpersonal dysfunction, and borderline personality personality disorder (BPD) in adolescents and adults. Her current work includes studies on how anger rumination may function to exacerbate negative affect and increase risky behavior, including using neuroimaging to explore these questions. Other studies examine how changes in ovarian steriod hormones across the menstrual cycle may exacerbate vulnerability to emotion dysregulation and BPD symptom expression.

Dr. Peters also engages in research, clinical work, supervision, and training around working with LGBTQ+ teens and young adults. A current study examines potential clinically-relevant mechanisms underlying the increased risk of self-destructive behavior in LGBTQ+ youth.

In addition, Dr. Peters has expertise in mindfulness and mindfulness-based interventions, with a focus on the qualitative aspects of mindfulness (such as nonjudgmental orientation to experience).

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