Assistant Professor of Engineering (Research)


Dr. Simeral is a Assistant Professor of Engineering (Research) at Brown University, a Research Biomedical Engineer with the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation R&D Service, and leader of the  focus area Restoring Communication and Mobility in the VA Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology. His research is dedicated to integrating neuroscience and engineering disciplines to create unprecedented neural prosthetic technologies to enable communication and control of assistive devices by individuals with paralysis or locked-in syndrome resulting from spinal cord injury, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), stoke and other neurological disorders. He directs development of the system architecture, hardware and software for the BrainGate Neural Interface System (in clinical trial, IDE) that decodes intracortical brain signals into commands to control computer cursors, dexterous prosthetic robotic arms and hands, and other assistive technologies. In addition to research expertise in the neurophysiological basis of movement, Dr. Simeral has a decade of industry engineering experience including the design of massively parallel computer systems and high performance microelectronic VLSI microprocessors.

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