Director, Center for Long-Term Care Quality and Innovation, Professor of the Practice of Health Services, Policy and Practice


I partner researchers with providers to design and test interventions in ways that reflect the real-world conditions in which care is delivered to older adults, particularly those residing in nursing homes. My training and background centers on improvement science and provider engagement.

As director of the Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation (Q&I), I oversee a pragmatic research program  that moves interventions along the interventional research continuum from design to effectiveness testing and dissemination. We also expand national capacity for the conduct of such research, through training and infrastructure grants and via funding opportunities. Our focus ranges from rehabilitation research and dementia care to SARS-CoV-2-- and may include any topic or intervention that is a priority for our provider partners and to improve care delivery.

We are always seeking research partners: people with innovative practices to test, providers wanting to implement interventions to improve care delivery and experience, and researchers with methdological expertise in the conduct of pragmatic research.

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