Stefan Gravenstein Professor of Medicine, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Adjunct Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Geriatrician, formerly John Franklin Chair of Geriatrics and Director of the Glennan Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology at Eastern Virginia Medical School (1996-2007), now Associate Division Chief for Geriatrics at University Medicine. Dr. Gravenstein has a long-standing interest in immunity, inflammation and aging especially in the context of influenza and nursing home care, and the topic of the majority of his publications. He also has a specific interest in quality improvement in health care, the culture of care, and how to improve care across care transitions. He is Clinical Director at Quality Partners of Rhode Island, Medicare's Quality Improvement Organization for Rhode Island, where he works with a team to improve patient safety and care transitions. At Brown he works with the Department of Community Health (Mor, PI; Gozalo) and Pop-Vicas on evaluating the impact of influenza vaccine on outcomes in long-term care.

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