Sheila Bonde Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Chair of History of Art and Architecture, Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World

I am an archaeologist and architectural historian specializing in the study of medieval sites and their representation. I am currently Professor of the History of Art and Architecture, and Professor of Archaeology. I have excavated in England, France and Israel, and I currently direct the MonArch excavation and research project in northern France at the Augustinian abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes in Soissons, the Carthusian house at Bourgfontaine and the Cistercian monastery at Notre-Dame d'Ourscamp.

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scholarly work


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Survival of the Gods:  Classical Mythology in the Middle Ages.  Providence, Rhode Island: Brown University, 1987. Graduate exhibition catalogue (supervisor and editor).

Digital Publications:

Saint-Jean-des-Vignes:  Archaeology, Architecture and History of an Augustinian Monastery

Archéologie en Picardie, Soissons : L'abbaye Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, Amiens, Ministèrede la Culture,  2002, with Clark Maines. (available in an internet publication:

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research overview

My research combines archaeology, architectural history, spatial analysis and digital humanities. I am currently co-director of the MonArch (Monastic Archaeology) research team that focuses on three monasteries in northern France. This project involves excavation, study of surviving architecture and texts, and digital reconstruction and representation. Recent publications and presentations also consider the revival of antiquity in the Middle Ages, and the ethics of representation.

research statement

My research brings together the approaches of archaeology, history, architectural history and spatial analysis. My work has since 1982 involved the ongoing excavation of the abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes in Soissons, France, the Cistercian monastery of Notre Dame d'Ourscamp and the Carthusian charterhouse at Bourgfontaine. I consider not only the buildings of these monasteries, but also their landed domains, hydraulic resources and interactions with the larger urban and rural landscape. I have also published on the role of the individual within the monastic corporation, on early modern monasticism and monastic texts, and on the interactions between liturgy and architecture. I have worked extensively with computer graphic solutions for archaeological recording and architectural reconstructions, and with text encoding of monastic texts to create searchable databases for research.

I have also studied the reuse and reoccupation of Roman architecture in southern France during the Middle Ages. My work aims to change past approaches to classical revival not only by including architecture more centrally, but by considering more fully the importance of the site itself. It also considers  issues of art historical theory as they relate to classicism and the medieval uses of the past. One aspect of this research, an examination of the female monastic community of Saint-Sauveur-de-la-Font, installed in the Roman 'temple of Diana,' has appeared in print.

Recent work funded by the NSF has also been devoted to research on ethical decision-making, and on the ethics of re-presentation.

funded research


National and International Awards:

National Science Foundation, EESE:  Ethics Education in Science and Engineering “Ethical Awareness in International Collaborations: A Contextual Approach”  competition’ (NSF 08-530), proposal number 0933509, PI, 2009-2011 ($399,00).

National Endowment for the Humanities, Collaborative grant, P.I., 2004-2000, “The Virtual Monastery: Integrating Archaeology, Architecture and Text at Saint-Jean-des-Vignes.”   ($300,000)

Distinguished Lecturer, ICMA, 2000-2002

National Endowment for the Humanities, fellow, 1994-95  ($60,000)

George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation, fellow, 1994-95 ($35.000)

 Andrew W. Mellon "Fresh Combinations" grant, 1992/93,  ($12,000) (support for departmental symposium on New Approaches to Landscape)

Fulbright Scholar, (France and Turkey) 1989-1990  ($35,000)

Archaeological Institute of America, featured lecturer, 1989-90

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowships, 1988, 1989, 1990  ($12,000)

Princeton University, Department of Civil Engineering, Visiting Fellow, summers 1988, 1989.

National Endowment for the Arts grant for exhibition and catalogue, Survival of the Gods:  Classical Mythology in the Middle Ages, David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University, 1986-1987.  ($50,000)

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, Summer Institute on the Technology of Historic Architecture, Princeton University, 1986 ($15,000)

Jens Aubrey Westengard Fellowship, 1977  ($5,000)

Hirsch Scholarship for Archaeological Fieldwork, 1975 ($3,000)

Teaching Awards:

Royce Family Professorship in Teaching Excellence, 2004-2007.

Harriet W. Sheridan Award for Distinguished Contribution to Teaching and Learning, Brown University, 2002.

Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship (Junior Faculty award for excellence in research and teaching), 1987

Danforth Award for Excellence in Teaching,  Harvard University, 1982

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant for the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows
in the Humanities co-PI, 2009-2011 ($687,000)

National and International Grants and Awards to Support Excavation and Research at Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, Soissons, Notre-Dame d’Ourscamp and the charterhouse at Bourgfontaine:

Direction des Antiquités, grant subvention, 2011 (15,000 euros); 2009. (8,500 euros).

Ministère de la Culture et la Commission des Monuments Historiques, France, research grant, 1999-2001  (600,000 FFr)

Conseil général de l'Aisne, research grants, 1998, 1999  (15,000 FFr)

Rakow grant, Corning Museum of Glass, 1999 (grant to Robert Brill and Patricia Pongracz) for analysis of excavated stained glass from Saint-Jean-des-Vignes)  ($30,000)

Ville de Soissons, research grants, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001  (15,000 FFr)

Ministère de la Culture, Direction des Antiquités historiques, excavation and research grants, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1997 (declined), 1998,  2002, 2004  (5,000-8,000 FFr each)          

Center for Field Research, Earthwatch Foundation, excavation grants, 1987, 1989, 1990   ($25,000 each plus funded research volunteers)           

Médaille d'Honneur, Ville de Soissons, 1987

Brown University internal grants to support research:

Office of the Vice President for Research, Humanities Research Fund, 2014, to support excavation of a royal chapel at Bourgfontaine ($1400)

Office of the Vice President for Research, Humanities Research Fund, 2013, to support research at Bourgfontaine ($1750)

Creative Arts Council Arts initiative, to support  Drawing Connections, Symposium and workshop, with Leslie Bostrum ($8,000)

Creative Arts Council, Fitt Endowment, to support Art and Social Transformation with Eric Ehn and Susan Alcock ($10,000)

Office of the Vice President for Research, Humanities Research Fund, 2012, to support research and CAD reconstruction of the chapelle de la Vierge at Saint-Germain-des-Prés. ($1800)

Office of the Vice President for Research, Humanities Research Fund, 2011, to support hydrology research and excavation at Ourscamp. ($1800)

 Office of the Vice President for Research, Seed Grant, PI  “Mapping Monasticism” 2008-2011, ($28,850)

 Scholarly Technology Group, Faculty Grant (for internet and graphic development), 2001-2002, PI  ($20,000)

 Group Research Project Grant to support the teaching of a research seminar connected to Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, 2001-2002  ($6,000)

UTRA group grant,  2004, “The Medieval Monastery,” collaborative student research on Augustinian monasticism and medieval chapter books ($5,000 plus student support)

UTRA grants, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001 to support collaborative student research at Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, Soissons   (student support)

UTRA grants, 2009, 2011 to support collaborative student research at Notre Dame d’Ourscamp, (student support)

Watson Institute grant (for Glimpses of Grandeur:  Courtly Arts of the Later Islamic Empires, exhibition catalogue), 1999  ($6,000)

Richard Salomon Grant (New Approaches to Recording a Medieval Monastery) 1998-2002  ($20,000)

Wriston Grant to support research on Medieval Iberia, 1998-1999 (with Professor M. Vaquero)  ($6.000)

Curriculum Development Grants:  HA 191: Water and Architecture, 1997; UC 62: Medieval Iberia, 1999 (with Professor M. Vaquero)   ($5,000)

Wayland Collegium, 1996-97, grant to support research on Medieval Iberia (with Profs. A. Remensnyder, S. Slymovics and M. Vaquero)  ($5,000)

National grants to support Graduate School Initiatives:

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant for the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows in the Humanities co-PI, 2009-2011 ($687,000)

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation endowment for the Mellon Graduate Humanities Fellows Program (graduate fellowships and curricular grants) PI ( $3,000,000)

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant for Dissertation Workshops, PI, 2008-2013 ($568,000)

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant for Dissertation Workshops, PI, 2004-2007 ($300,000)

Council for Graduate Schools/National Science Foundation grant to support the establishment of an Ethics Initiative at Brown University, PI, 2006-2007, ($15,000)

Council for Graduate Schools/Pfizer Foundation, PhD Completion Project, PI ($80,000)

Public Recognition:

“Re-presenting the Past:  Material Things and Uncertainty,” Reuter Memorial lecture at Southampton University, England, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture, May, 2010. (This lecture was subsequently the subject of a workshop sponsored by the Material Histories Research Group at the University of London School of Advanced Studies, Jan. 2011.)

Un Été à Soissons avec le Patrimoine.  Summer cultural outreach events in Soissons sponsored by the town and based on 25 years of research in Soissons by my research group, 2011.

Médaille d'Honneur, Ville de Soissons, award recognizing my contributions to the town of Soissons, 1987