Adjunct Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences


Dr. Susan M. Kiene has conducted social and behavioral science research on HIV/AIDS prevention in the U.S., Uganda, South Africa, and Puerto Rico. She has two general programs of research. The first concerns investigating the dynamics of HIV risk behavior and maintenance of safer behavior to understand the situational, interpersonal, and individual difference factors that influence HIV risk behavior. The second program of research focuses on developing and evaluating theory-based, tailored interventions to reduce HIV risk behavior. She is also researching methods to increase use of family planning in sub-Saharan Africa.

Her primary affiliation is now with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She continues to work with Brown Public Health and Medical students and is an adjunct faculty member.

Dr. Kiene's research interests include: international HIV prevention, alcohol-involved HIV-sexual risk behavior, family planning/ contraception, intimate partner violence as it relates to health behaviors, health behavior change and maintenance, daily diary/daily process methodology, measurement of sexual risk behavior and concordance of self-reports with biological measures.

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