Susan M. Kiene Adjunct Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Susan M. Kiene has conducted social and behavioral science research on HIV/AIDS prevention in the U.S., Uganda, South Africa, and Puerto Rico. She has two general programs of research. The first concerns investigating the dynamics of HIV risk behavior and maintenance of safer behavior to understand the situational, interpersonal, and individual difference factors that influence HIV risk behavior. The second program of research focuses on developing and evaluating theory-based, tailored interventions to reduce HIV risk behavior. She is also researching methods to increase use of family planning in sub-Saharan Africa.

Her primary affiliation is now with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She continues to work with Brown Public Health and Medical students and is an adjunct faculty member.

Dr. Kiene's research interests include: international HIV prevention, alcohol-involved HIV-sexual risk behavior, family planning/ contraception, intimate partner violence as it relates to health behaviors, health behavior change and maintenance, daily diary/daily process methodology, measurement of sexual risk behavior and concordance of self-reports with biological measures.

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scholarly work

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research overview

Dr. Susan M. Kiene studies behaviors that put individuals at risk for HIV/AIDS and methods for preventing HIV transmission. Dr. Kiene's research program in rural Uganda (the Salawo Collaboration) aims to develop effective and sustainable methods in the public health care sector to empower individuals to change their behavior to protect themselves from HIV or to prevent transmitting HIV to un-infected others.

research statement

The majority Dr. Kiene's current research is taking place in Uganda where she and her team (the Salawo Collaboration) are conducting several studies on routine/opt-out HIV-testing and counseling in rural outpatient settings. Specifically, the team is (1) investigating ways to increase the uptake of referrals for partner HIV-testing following individual routine HIV-testing, (2) developing a brief-client centered sexual risk reduction intervention to be implemented during routine HIV-testing, (3) investigating behavior change processes following routine HIV-testing to identify psychosocial, social-cognitive and behavioral factors that explain short and long term sexual risk behavior change, and (4) examining the concordance between self-report and biological markers of unprotected sexual behavior.

Dr. Kiene is also part of a research team that is conducting a 16-site RCT of an HIV-prevention intervention for HIV-positive patients delivered in the context of ongoing clinical care in public health clinics in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

funded research

Active Research Support

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, NIH, "Alcohol and HIV-Risk among Fishermen and Commercial Sex Workers in Uganda." Sub-component of "Alcohol and HIV: Biobehavioral Interactions and Intervention" P01 (PI: Monti). P01AA019072, 9/1/11-8/31/13. (Sub-component Principal Investigator).

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National Institute of Mental Health, NIH, "Integrating HIV Prevention into Clinical Care for PLWHA in South Africa," R01MH077524, 2007-2011, (Role: Consultant, PI: Jeffrey D. Fisher). Abstract

Completed Research Support

Brown University / Women & Infants Hospital National Center of Excellence in Women's Health (CoE), "Involving male partners in antenatal services to increase HIV-testing and family planning usage in rural Uganda." Innovations in Women's Health Research Seed Grant 11/08-10/09 (Principal Investigator) Link

Rhode Island Foundation, "Dynamics of Safer and Risky Sexual Behavior among Couples in Rural Uganda." Medical Research Grant 02/08-01/09 (Principal Investigator).

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Health Psychology Division (38), American Psychological Association, "Development of a Culturally-tailored Model of Condom Use Behavior," Graduate Student Research Grant, Research in Ethnic Minority Health Psychology, 2003-04, (Principal Investigator).