Associate Professor of Medicine, Clinician Educator


I came to Brown in 2006 as the chief medical resident at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island (MHRI). I was new to Brown and new to Rhode Island. You may wonder this is rather a unique way to start one's career at Brown. It was indeed unique and wonderful.

I spent these twelve months being a chief medical resident with delight, excitement, learning, and lots of teaching. I have been so grateful that Brown awarded me for the Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award as the chief resident. Three years later, upon my completion of fellowship training in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine in New York, Brown was kind and generous enough to ask me if I am interested in coming back. Thus I have been working here at Brown again as an attending physician since 2010.

Born in Japan, I graduated from my medical school, Kyoto University in 1998. Upon my completion of  the Internal Medicine residency training and fellowship in General Internal Medicine & Clinical Epidemiology at Kyoto University, my desire to immerse myself to learn more about medical education in the US was so strong that I finally came to New York in 2003 where I started my residency training in internal medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, NY. Yes, I started my residency training all over again from an internship in the US, and I loved it.

My primary interests in research are Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS), Critical Care Ultrasonography (CCUS), Simulation Training, Patients' Safety, and Human Errors in Medicine. I have been fortunate enough to have chances to teach CCUS for almost ten years at the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) (1), which has been a delightful experience. I teach medical students, residents, and fellows daily, which is how I work today - enjoy my life at Brown as a clinician educator.

Upon working and teaching here more than eight years as an attending physician, I am honored and humbled to receive more than ten teaching awards including Beckwith Family Award for Outstanding Teaching and owe so much to Brown for allowing me to have opportunities to interact with medical students and physicians-in-training.




Yes, the person in the picture teaching ultrasonography was me (the picture was taken during ACCP 2008 in Philadelphia).

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