Taro Minami Assistant Professor of Medicine (Clinical)

I came to Brown in 2006 as the chief medical resident at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. I was new to Brown and Rhode Island when I became a chief resident, a rather unique way to start your career at Brown. 

This unique one year of being the chief resident at MHRI was blessed with lots of delight, excitement and learning. I was fortunate enough to be awarded for the Dean's Teaching Excellence Award. 3 years later, upon my completion of fellowship training in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine in New York, Brown was kind and generous enough to ask me if I am interested in coming back. Thus I have started working here again as an attending physician since 2010.

Born in Japan, I graduated from my medical school, Kyoto University in 1998. After I completed my residency training in Internal Medicine and fellowship in General Internal Medicine / Clinical Epidemiology, my desire to see medical education in the US was so strong that I finally came to New York in 2003 where I started my residency training in internal medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, NY. Yes, I started my residency training all over from an internship in the US and I totally loved it.

My major interests in research are Critical Care Ultrasonography (CCUS), Simulation Training, Patients' Safety and Human Errors. I have been fortunate enough to have chances to teach CCUS for almost 7 years at American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) (1), which has been a truly wonderful experience. I teach medical students, residents and fellows on daily basis, which is how I am today - enjoy my life at Brown as a clinician educator.


1. http://www.chestnet.org/Education/Advanced-Clinical-Training/Certificate-of-Completion-Program/Critical-Care-Ultrasonography

Yes, the person in the picture teaching ultrasonography was me (the picture was taken during ACCP 2008 in Philadelphia).

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I have the following research interests: Critical Care Ultrasonography; Vascular Access and its complications; Medical Education; Simulation Training; Patients' Safety; and Human Errors.

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1) Critical Care Ultrasonography
2) Vascular access and its complications
3) Medical Education / Simulation Training
4) Patients' Safety / Human Errors in ICU