Director, Associate Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences


Dr. Serre is a computational neuroscientist by training. He received a  Ph.D. in Neuroscience from MIT in 2006 and an MSc in EECS from Télécom Bretagne (France) in 2000.

His research seeks to understand the neural computations supporting visual perception. His research has been featured in the BBC series "Visions from the Future" and appeared in several news articles (The Economist, New Scientist, Scientific American, IEEE Computing in Science and Technology, Technology Review and Slashdot).

Dr. Serre is an Associate Professor in Cognitive Linguistic & Psychological Sciences at Brown University and Faculty Director of the Center for Computation and Visualization. He has served as an area chair for machine learning and computer vision conferences including CVPR and NIPS. He is currently serving as a domain expert for IARPA’s Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks (MICrONS) program and as a scientific advisor for Vium, Inc. He is the recipient of an NSF Early Career award as well as DARPA’s Young Faculty Award and Director’s Award.

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