Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research), Professor of Pediatrics (Research)


Dr. Koinis Mitchell is a Professor (Research) in the Departments of Psychiatry and Human Behavior and Pediatrics. She leads a pediatric health disparities research program and directs the Community Asthma Program, as well as the Research Mentoring and Faculty Development Program in the Department of Pediatrics. 

Dr. Koinis Mitchell has received continuous funding from the NIH since 2002 to study multi-level mechanisms that contribute to disparities in pediatric health outcomes, mainly in the areas of asthma and sleep health. Her research includes a  range of observational and experimental studies, to efficacy and effectiveness trials. Most recently, her studies focus on the integration of biological, behavioral and clinical processes that will ultimately lead to personalized treatment approaches to decrease the burden in high-risk urban children with multiple co-morbidities. 

Dr. Koinis Mitchell is invested in mentoring trainees and faculty at all levels in research, and in reaching their professional development goals. She accomplishes this through her various training and leadership roles in the Division of Child Psychiatry and in the Department of Pediatrics. 

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