Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Research)


Dr. Raj an Assistant Professor in Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University, USA.  During his years of research on malaria, which includes the postdoctoral fellowship at National Institute of Health and Brown University, USA, he achieved several recognition and awards. A specialist in molecular parasitology, his research interests include the drug and vaccine discovery against falciparum malaria. In 2009, he identified PfMDR-1 gene responsible for drug-resistant malaria. His group has successfully identified a drug name Ketotifen in 2010, which blocks the malaria transmission in animal models and is in the human trial. In 2014, a team of researchers led by Dr. Raj and Dr. Kurtis of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital had identified a malaria vaccine candidate (PfSEA-1). He has won numerous awards for his research, including the New Investigator awards in 2011 by Lifespan, USA. Dr. Raj’s recent research work on malaria vaccine published in journal “Science” in 2014. Leading newspapers and magazines throughout the world including Washington Post Forbes, Times and BBC covered his research overview. He has several high-impact publication and patents to his credit. Currently, he is leading a research group specialized in the identification of pediatric vaccine against malaria.

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