Professor of Emergency Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice


My research interests have been broad, with an overall focus on diagnosis and/or severity assessment of common or important conditions encountered in my clinical practice of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. 

Since completing my MS in Statistics in 2011, I've pursued  interests in evidence synthesis,  diagnostic and  pediction models, decision science and applied Bayesian methods.

Early projects focused on application of non-invasive bedside measures of respiratory physiology (pulsus paradoxus, end-tidal CO2, oxygen saturation) to aid severity assessment of children with asthma and croup, recognition of respiratory depression during procedural sedation and recognition and monitoring of respiratory compensation in diabetic ketoacidosis. 

 I’m a strong advocate for multicenter collaborative research, and have been fortunate to collaborate with colleagues in my field on studies that have influenced clinical practice.

I'm a proponent of reproducible research using open source tools. 

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