Susan C. Miller Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice (Research)

Dr. Susan Miller is a Professor of Health Services, Practice and Policy (Research) at the Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research, Brown University School of Public Health. Dr. Miller is trained in gerontology and epidemiology and focuses her research on nursing home end-of-life care and long-term care (LTC) quality and utilization. She recently completed work on a Retirement Research Foundation-funded study examining person-centered care ("culture change") in nursing homes. This study used survey data obtained through a funded NIA P01 (#P01 AG027296) which represented responses from a nationally representative sample of nursing home administrators and directors of nursing. Dr. Miller also recently led a study titled “Life’s Final Chapter” which was one or four projects funded within Brown’s “Shaping Long Term Care in America” (1P01AG027296). In this project, through a nationally representative survey of directors of nursing in U.S. nursing homes, Dr. Miller and colleagues measured palliative care knowledge and practices in U.S. nursing homes as well as studied how varying state reimbursement policies influence U.S. nursing home use of hospice. Currently, Dr. Miller is principal investigator (PI) on a NIA-funded study (R21AG042550) examining the association between nursing home palliative care consultations and end-of-life hospital and emergency room use, and a NIA-funded study(R01 AG048940) to evaluate how changes in nursing home culture change practice implementation may be associated with changes in quality outcomes.  

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