Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Research)


Office number : 401-444-1649


Dr. Brodsky's research program focuses on the regulation of metabolism in cancer and the discovery of diagnostic and prognostic tumor markers. 

Dr. Brodsky received postdoctoral training from Dr. Pamela A. Silver at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School where he discovered mechanisms of mRNA export. He was among the first to use chromatin immunoprecipitation combined with genomic tiling arrays to define the coupling of transcription and mRNA processing.  

Dr. Brodsky received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania where he worked with Dr. Ponzy Lu exploring DNA dynamics during electrophoresis. Dr. Brodsky received his PhD from MIT working with Dr. James R. Williamson where he developed a structural model of the HIV tat-TAR protein-RNA interaction using NMR spectroscopy.
Dr. Brodsky joined the Pathology department in 2014. 

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