Like all of Brown's fine departments, the Philosophy Department takes a special pleasure in contributing to the teaching and training of undergraduates, as part of Brown's overall commitment to a liberal education. The Department offers a range of courses suited to newcomers to philosophy, covering subjects from the philosophy of religion, to the philosophy of science, to the philosophy of literature, as well as survey courses on various periods of the history of philosophy.

For undergraduates with a deeper interest in the subject, there are programs leading to the A.B. degree, the A.B. degree with honors, and the combined A.B.-M.A. degrees. As well as the standard philosophy concentration, there is an interdisciplinary concentration in Physics and Philosophy. The standard concentration also encourages an inter-disciplinary approach by allowing students to apply related courses in other departments towards the fulfillment of their concentration requirements. The requirements also allow ample room for concentrators to pursue their individual interests, as these develop.

The Philosophy Department also houses a Ph.D. progam. Brown has been traditionally strong in epistemology, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, ethics, and history of philosophy, and is currently also strong in political philosophy and in aesthetics.

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Faculty Administrative Positions

Guyer, Paul D, Chair of Philosophy

Faculty Positions

Ackerman, Felicia Nimue, Professor of Philosophy

Arpaly, Nomy, Professor of Philosophy

Broackes, Justin, Professor of Philosophy

Brock, Dan W, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Christensen, David P, Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence, Professor of Philosophy

Dreier, James, Judy C. Lewent and Mark L. Shapiro Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy

Estlund, David, Lombardo Family Professor of the Humanities, Professor of Philosophy

Gill, Mary Louise G, Professor of Classics and Philosophy

Guyer, Paul D, Jonathan Nelson Professor, Professor of Philosophy

Heck, Richard Kimberly, Professor of Philosophy

Hill, Christopher S, William Herbert Perry Faunce Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy

Kim, Jaegwon, William Herbert Perry Faunce Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

Ladd, Rosalind E, Visiting Scholar in Philosophy

Larmore, Charles, W. Duncan MacMillan Family Professor of the Humanities, Professor of Philosophy

Mason Bizri, Michelle, Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy

Pautz, Adam R, Professor of Philosophy

Reginster, Bernard M, Professor of Philosophy

Schechter, Joshua B, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Schmitt, Richard, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Sosa, Ernest, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Van Cleve, James L, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy